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TheBoardroom Africa promotes exceptional female talent to boards across the continent.

Board Networking Event

Board Networking Event

TheBoardroom Africa promotes the exceptional female talent of its diverse members to boards across the continent. As part of our work to accelerate and sustain your success, we host bi-annual board networking events to match board-ready female executives from across Africa with leading African and multinational companies in search of new board members. These events facilitate relationships between top female talent and businesses seeking to diversify their boards and improve their overall business performance. The board networking event in anchored on our mission to ensure that we are consistent in our mission to showcase talent.

Getting to The Boardroom

Getting to The Boardroom

Our inaugural conference is dubbed Getting to the Boardroom. The first edition will lay the foundation for building ties and community within TBRA’s network of ~1000 executive women. Beyond the network, the conference targets aspiring female executives and board leaders looking to position themselves for future board roles and improve their ability of existing board members to perform in their new sessions. It will take place over 2 days and will also offer companies an opportunity to showcase their interest in hiring senior female talent and offer consultancies an opportunity to connect with female talent.

<em>Open Doors</em> Board Training Retreat

Open Doors Board Training Retreat

Open Doors is the first globally-accredited board training of its kind offered to women leaders from across Africa. This seven-day training retreat covers key areas of governance, finance, strategy, and leadership, and provides a foundation in effective directorship towards a Certificate in Company Direction awarded by the London Institute of Directors. The certification is also a path to securing the Chartered Director qualification. The curriculum features unique content developed by TheBoardroom Africa to help women navigate boardroom challenges and includes leading research on the benefits of board diversity.

Upcoming Event

Getting to The Boardroom Conference

Getting to TheBoardroom

Sunday, April 15


Stay tuned for details about TBR Africa’s inaugural conference, “Getting to the Boardroom.” Experienced board members as well as aspiring female board leaders will have an opportunity to network and enhance their boardroom performance through panels, masterclasses and practical sessions with experts in leadership, strategy and corporate governance. Companies searching for diverse board talent are also invited to attend and connect with senior female executives from the TBR Africa network.

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